Top 5 electric bicycles brand in 2016

In recent years, electric bicycles have become very important travel tools for people’s transportation . However, with the popular selling of electric bicycles, the quality complaints are rising all the way. Electric bicycle industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated today, the quality of products and services has become the core competitiveness of these electric bicycle brands. Today we will tell you the top 5 electric bicycle brands in 2016,these brands are selected from the market, they are with excellent quality & brand name from consumer’s saying.

New day electric bicycle

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As the No.1 of the electric biycle industry, the new day electric bicycle being No.1 with its unique “intelligent technology advantages” and “international professional fashion concept”. It is not only the world’s leading creators of intelligent electric vehicles,it also famous for its highest stress in electric bicycle details. New day use 35 automotive-grade process during manufacturer to ensure great user experience.

Opai electric bicycle

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Opai has been well known for the quality in the industry, its excellent quality has been praised by many dealers. Opai electric bicycle established a working principle of “high starting point, high standards and high quality” from its foundation, the pursuit of high quality products. In 2016, Opai also carefully filmed the “originality to the new” micro film, received wide acclaim within the industry.

Yadea electric bicycle

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Yadea electric bicycles always adhere the development concept of “quality is the cornerstone, research and development is the driving force, service as a baisis”,and always adhere international standards to manufacture electric bicycles. The Yadea Z3 electric bicycles launched in 2016 set off the industry’s high end fashion trends, coupled with endorsement of popular male star “Hu Ge”,Yadea harvest a lot of young people’s favorite.

Lima electric bicycle

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Well known in China for the strong power, Lima vehicle industry group, facing problems caused by inproper installation and maintenance as well as bad quality products , they launched the “super-level” production quality management regulations.

Aima electric bicycle

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Aima has always uphold production concept of quality superior, innovation as the corporate gene, adhere to the road of independent research and development.Aima attract the attention of consumers with its new personalized advertising commercials. Youth, fashion, vitality; Aima electric bicycle has brought an extraordinary experience to user.

2017 has coming, we are look forward to more exciting news of electric bicycle industry. Quality is the life of electric bicycles, only who pay close attention to product quality can win more consumer’s confidence.

Structure difference between electric bicycles and normal bicycles

Electric bicycles seems more and more popular now, almost 60% of bicycles you have seen on the street are powered by electricity.Today, we will share your some of the basic electric bicycle structures compared with normal bicycles, so all electric bicycle will became very simple to you from now on.Most electric bicycles are consist of below parts:

electric bicycle


Charger is a device to charge power to the battery, generally divided into two-stage charging mode and three-stage charging mode. 2-stage charging mode: firstly constant voltage charging, the charging current gradually reduced with the battery voltage increases , once battery capcity added to a certain extent, the battery voltage will rise to the set value, then converted to trickle charge stage. Three-stage charge mode: at the beginning of charging,firstly charging with constant current quickly and add energy to the battery; once the battery voltage rising a lot then converted to constant voltage charging stage, the battery energy will be added slowly and the battery voltage continues to rise in this stage ; once battery voltage reaches the termination voltage value, it will turned to trickle charge stage to maintain the battery and supply the battery self-discharge current.


Battery will provide electricity to the electric bicycles, electric bicycles mainly use lead-acid battery. However,nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium ion batteries have also been use in a lot of light folding electric bicycles.


Controller is the component to control the motor speed,also core of electric bicycles electric system, with undervoltage, current limiting or overcurrent protection functions. Intelligent controller also has a variety of cycling mode and bicycle electrical components self checking function. The controller is the core component of electric bicycles energy management and all kinds of control signal processing .

Handle bar

Handle bar is the signal input components for controller. The acceleration signal is the drive signal for the motor rotation of the electric bicycle. Brake signal is the signal tell the electric bicycle when to brakes, during this period internal electronic circuit will output an electrical signal to the controller,once controller received this signal, it will cut off the power supply to the motor, so as to achieve brake power off function.

Booster sensor

The booster sensor is a device that detects the pedaling force of the electric bicycles in the assisting mode. Controller will drive electric bicycle rotation based on human and power automatic matching with the boost sensor. At present, the most popular booster sensor is the axial double-side torque sensor, which is characterized of the ability to collect the left and right pedaling force, and adopt non-contact electromagnetic signal acquisition mode, thereby enhancing the accuracy of signal acquisition and reliability.


Motor is the most important parts of an electric bicycle, the motor basic decided the performance and grade of an electric bicycle. Motor used by electric bicycles are mostly high-performance rare earth permanent magnet motor, which is divided into high speed brush + gear motor, low speed brush motor and low speed brushless motor etc.

Lamps and instruments

Lighting, instrument parts is a combination to provide lighting and display the status of the electric bicycle. Instrument generally provides battery voltage display, bicycle speed display, riding status display, lamp status display functions. Intelligent instrument can also display the bicycle’s fault situation of electrical components.

Common structure

Most electric bikes use a hub type motor to directly drive the rotation of front or rear wheels. These hub wheel type motor drive the bicycle speed up to 20km/h according to different bicycle wheel sizes.Although appearance of these electric bicycles and battery installation location are not the same, but its driving and control principle are the same. This type of electric bicycle is the mainstream of electric bicycle products.

Special structure of electric bicycles

A small number of electric bicycle drive with non hub wheel type motor. These electric bicycles use side hung or columnar motor,friction tire motor etc. electric bicycles driven with this type of motor, the bicycle weight will be reduced a lot,however the motor efficiency is lower than the hub wheel type. In the case of the same battery capacity, these non hub wheel motor electric bicycles driving mileage is usually shorter by 5% -10% compared with hub wheel type motor electric bicycles.

How to maintain electric bicycles ?

First pay attention to clean, clean the water especially the winter salt water (many cities in the winter spray salt spray to avoid freezing after the snow ) in time, or it may easily lead to corrosion of metal parts, film aging and take off. Second,pay attention to the maximum adjustable height. After riding new electric bicycle for some time, user should check and adjust the whole electric bicycle in accordance with requirements of user manual,fastening and lubrication is essential. Check whether the fasteners are loose, transmission parts are flexible, please notice that after drip the lubrication oil to the
chain you should wipe the oil slick, flywheel drip only a little lubrication oil is ok. Tires inflated with appropriate air, otherwise it will affect the riding comfort and bicycle life. Brake is the basic guarantee forsafety, should be checked at any time, as long as problems are found should be adjusted or repaired immediately.

14 inch folding electric bicycle

1.saddle and handlebar height of electric bicycles should be adjusted before use to ensure the riding comfort and reduce fatigue.
2.the front and rear brake of electric bike should be checked and adjusted before use.Front and rear brake adjustment subject to half press the brakes can do reliable braking, excessive wear brake pad should be replaced.
3.tightness of the electric bicycle chain should be checked before driving,appropriate chain sag is 1-2mm, generally you can adjusting the chain to slightly tight if no pedal riding .
4.the chain lubrication conditions should be checked before riding.If the corrosion or rotation is not flexible, right amount of lubrication oil should be added,chain should be replaced if with serious problem. should check the tire pressure, steering handle flexibility, front and rear wheel rotation flexibility, circuit, battery power, motor working conditions and lighting, speakers, fasteners etc before riding a electric bicycle,to see if they meet driving requirements.
6.try not to use zero start for electric bicycle(riding the electric bicycle without any pedal working), zero start should be banned especially in heavy load and uphills. For start up, you should first use the human ride, when it reaches a certain speed then converted to electric driving mode, or direct use electric assistant driving mode.
7. electric bicycles are not suited to rough road or sharp slope. In case of such a road, should driving slowly or get off the electric bicycle.
8. electric bicycles should be avoided frequent braking and start when driving, before or during the brake the speed control(throttle) should be turned back.
9. the standard electric bicycle load is 75 kg, user should try to avoid overloading. If overloading, should adopt the human ride or human assisted riding mode.
10.using the electric bicycles in cold weather,human assisted driving should be adopted; and user should also pay attention to battery power and voltage indication, should appropriate reduce the discharge depth, should not driving under low battery pressure.
11.electric bicycles can be driven in rain and snow weather. However, when crossing the water, the water level should not exceed the electric wheel hub bearing lower edge to prevent damage to the motor caused by water. Rain and snow days after riding, water should be wiped clean as soon as possible; if the electrical parts soaked with water, it should be dried with a hair dryer. So as to avoid corrosion of iron and circuit leakage and other failures.
12.riding in rainny and snow weather, the driving speed should be reduced appropriately,during brake should pay attention to increase the braking distance, to prevent skidding so as not to endanger personal safety.
13. electric bicycles should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, should be stored in the shade.
14. the battery should used supported charger or the manufacturer specified models; during charging, the battery and charger should be placed in a cool place, well placed, should stay away from inflammable and explosive materials;avoid heat, moisture and water;prohibited to be covered by itemscovered, prohibition of infant and child contact. Before charging user should first confirm if the grid voltage and frequency in line with the requirements of the charger, and then connect the battery with charger output port, the charger input port connect with power grid; after charging is completed, first disconnect the grid connection and then disconnect charger and battery connection. Lead acid battery charging normally takes 6-8 hours.
15.user should stop usage of the battery if low battery voltage, and charging as soon as possible, prohibit the battery in deep discharge and over discharge conditions,better the battery is always in abundance state. We recommend charging at least once a day.
16. battery should be stored in the cold, moderate air humidity place, the battery should be kept upright; before long time storage should fully charged and should regularly add electricity, then general charge once a month. Lead acid battery storage for a long time, you can add a few drops of distilled water to offset the evaporation of water to reduce the curing of the plate.
17. for initially use of electric bicycles,user should carefully read user manual to understand the performance of electric bicycles. Do not lend to people who do not know how to operate electric bikes.
18. mental patients, alcoholics and other inappropriate should be disabled to ride electric bikes; user with heart disease, epilepsy, and color blindness etc. should be careful when riding.
19. electric bicycles belongs to non-motorized vehicle, riding should comply with traffic rules, in the non-motorized lanes or local driving lanes.
20. electric bicycles should be stored in a place with cool, ventilated, dry, away from corrosive liquids and gases conditions; storage with vehicle upright and enough tire pressure; bicycle frame should not be loaded with heavy objects; and the battery should be stored separately.